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Marisha Barett NY, USA
I am the first mom-to-be among my friends, so I used to have noone to give me advice about my pregnancy. But Preggie makes things so different! I am chatting with other expecting ladies and getting all the answers I ever need!
Jen Wilson Santa Monica, USA
The idea of uniting future moms of the world within one social network is incredible! I've already made some friends here, we go through pregnancy together and cheer for each other. The coolest thing was when I planned to go to the beach and posted it on Preggie, other mommies wanted to join me!
Katherine Preston London, UK
I love using the app. Every day I see new posts of other girls and understand we all have the same worries and concerns! Helping others and getting support is what Preggie is great for.
Carrie Jameson Atlanta, USA
It took me a while to find mommies to talk to on Facebook and it just doesn't cut it. Not a lot of people care about my worries. On Preggie everyone gives love when I post anything!
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Preggie community is:

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