Mobile social network for pregnant women
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How it works

Choose the week of your pregnancy

The app takes a completely unique approach from other social networks: it automatically links you with others in your area who are at the same stage in their pregnancy. This means immediately connecting and socializing you with local ladies who are at the same term as you.

Feel at ease with others having similar interests and experiences as you

Pregnancy changes you and your interests a great deal so you will want to be in touch with other ladies that understand these changes and are going to be supportive and interested in what you have to share; from health issues to baby names there will be someone there to share with. Thanks to the PREGGIE App you will find hundreds of women at the same point in their own pregnancy happy to discuss everything related to babies and pregnancy

Make friends, share, learn new things

The App gives you so many opportunities for communicating: share your concerns, ask questions, read others' insights, make new friends, like posts and add to favourites - and the best part is it's all focused on your most important interest - your baby!