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We don’t connect, post or share anything about you and your pregnancy on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, so nobody will know anything about you or your baby, unless you want them to.

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Here's what our users say about Preggie App

I love this app. I've gotten to know a lot of the people on here and its like a little community. I'm home all day so it's a great way for me to communicate with other expectant moms and get advise. I also enjoy being able to give advise where I can. Everyone on here is supportive and friendly. I noticed that the developers have made a lot since I joined. This app is only going to get better! — Alhynele, AppStore review

Omg best thing since facebook — Samantha Chrystal, Google Play review

Whatever I need I can easily turn to this app and ask other moms.. #helpfull #loveit — Niki, AppStore review

Absolutely adore! This app is great! I love to connect with other mamas out there and talk and get advice! It's well worth it :) — Kreamm_xo, AppStore review

App is like fb/twitter for pregnant women. The users/admins are extremely friendly. Way better than other pregnancy apps. — NikiAhm, Google Play review

Love it! :) The best app for pregnant women/new moms. I absolutely love it! Very supportive group of women! — Bre Zamora, Google Play review

I love preggie its so much better then I'm Expecting they let you post your opinion without getting reported and none of the women on here are judgmental and the posts are always updated and you can search different topics or previous questions you might have. It's a wonderful app you won't regret downloading it — Marisol Romo, Google Play review

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